Campaign 8 2015 Video Brochure


I made another video for the latest campaign. This time it is a full length one that shows the entire brochure. I hope you find some treasures to call your own!

Remember, should you have any questions then feel free to contact me either on my FB page at OR via my website

Thank you!


Show Me the Specials!


As I have mentioned in a prior post, I pride myself on being a resourceful person. Always looking for the bargain or the coupon with the best redemption. This behavior has helped me significantly through out the years. So I make it a point to let my Avon customers and potential new customers know when there is a spectacular deal.

The easiest way to obtain a deal or promo is to visit the website. In particular the website to visit would be
Immediately when you enter the website, if there is an event happening it will be the first thing you will see and a promo code will be attached.

In my Facebook group http://www.facebook/groups/whosyouravonlady – I make it a priority to post all of the latest campaign information, as well as, the current promo codes.

Another way of savings is the Deal of the Day. Every Night around 9 o’clock PST the deal of the day is up and running. I make it a point to also include this in my Facebook posting. The reason I do this is because someone might have seen the deal of the day in a prior book at a higher price and now it has been reduced by 50 to 70% and that gives them the opportunity to purchase it! Also if a customer buys the same thing repeatedly and it shows up on the deal of the day I will alert them of the lower price.

The deal of the day however is a limited offer and it is only available as long as supplies last. Sometimes the deal of the day can sellout within minutes.

The last savings option is a personal one. I introduced it to my current customers as a way for them to get a type of reward club so to speak. It is called Friends and Family Loyalty discount. The way it works is if you introduce Avon to your friends or family and they sign up to become one of my customers, you can receive 10% off your next order.

Finally, you can always visit my Facebook group and sign up. It is open to anyone who is on Facebook and you can invite anyone that you would like.

By the way, the picture you see on this post contains the latest promo codes.

How Can I Order my Avon Products Online?

First and foremost, it is most important if you have a representative already to use their personal online Avon website link. For example, it should look something like or Of course these are examples of my own personal links. They actually go to the same website. Just a little FYI.

Once you are on said website, you have two options, you can either browse via the ebrochure or you can browse by product. Incidentally, shopping the brochure online is exactly as if you had the book in hand. I know some customers prefer to see what is in the current campaign’s brochure and if there is any specials on their favorite products.


Once you have chosen a product you can add it to your online shopping bag. This icon is visible at the top right of the website. You can look inside the bag at any time to remove or add items. When you are ready for checkout, all you need to do is click on the shopping bag icon. This will give you options for either checking out with credit card/debit card or to pay with PayPal. Also on the same page is the opportunity to enter any promo codes.


Occasionally, if you purchased strictly online for direct delivery only there will be promo codes available to you. They can be for either free shipping or a percentage off of your purchase it just really depends on what Avon decides to offer at the time.

sitewide promo

Speaking of choosing direct delivery, you also have the option to add your purchase to your representative’s cart. If you live locally and do not want to pay shipping and handling then this option would probably be for you. It may take slightly longer for you to receive your order, however, you will receive it personally from your Avon representative.

Lastly, if there are any issues with your items Avon will include a mailing label for you. You will also have the option to return any of your items within 30 days.