How Important My Customers Are To Me

Yesterday while having dinner with a customer, yes I said customer, I came to the realization just how important it was to share with you about this subject. I do this to say that not only is this woman that I supped with my customer but she has also become my friend. We have been friends now since 2008 so nearly 7 years of getting to know one another. She has been my faithful customer since.

Having a long term relationship with an Avon customer creates a sense of trust between one another. It establishes consistency and loyalty.


You see my customers are not just a number on the page or some money in my pocket, they are the life and breath of my business. The first reason obviously that I got into this business was to be my own boss and make my own money, but it has changed me. What I mean by this is that it is inspiring to meet new people on a daily basis.

I am happy to engage in their life as much as they would like me to. some people that buy Avon are just clear-cut need the product no interaction type of people. I understand and respect that because it is a business. However you do have the majority of customers who like to invite you to their home to find out about the latest products, but not only that, they want to share their day with you or talk about what’s been going on at work or in their family. This is how you become more than an Avon representative.


When it is time to drop off orders to my different customers I am always in for a treat. Every customer I have is different and I get to enjoy life stories that inspire and amaze me. My customers may not know how much they encourage me, but I love them all for taking part in my life as well.

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