Campaign 7 2015

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Current Campaign – 7 – Available online 3/9 to 3/22. Use coupon code: WELCOME for 20% off $50 orders. Sell Avon: Enter reference code: EGASKINS at

You can also checkout my first video I made with movie maker and tell me what you think! Available to view on my YouTube channel @ — It introduces Five Fab Buys found in this brochure!

Also, brochure photo is clickable to take you to my website. Remember InHer BeYOUty is find in all of us!

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How Long Does A Campaign Run For?


This question has been one of the most frequently asked questions asked of me so far.

First of all, let us start with what is a Campaign? A Campaign is the selling period for each brochure (in this case refers to Campaign 5 in the above picture). Then we can get into “how long is that period?” The Campaign itself will lasts 2 weeks and the customer may order anytime within that period.

At the end of the campaign, your Avon Rep (in this case that would be me) will submit the order to AVON.

However, if you choose to place an order online during this period, you will not have to wait up to two weeks for your order because it will be sent EXPRESS DIRECT DELIVERY straight to you!!

In conclusion, the Campaign 5 order (which is currently running) will go in on Sunday 2/22 for all my locals  You still have time to request a book. If you need one mailed to you then you may comment below or you can reach me on Facebook. My page info is posted below under Inher Beauty.

You may also check out the Campaign 5 brochure online at — If it is your first time ordering Avon online, you can use promo code WELCOME at checkout for 20% off an order of $50 or more. This offer is a one-time use.