Campaign 8 2015 Video Brochure


I made another video for the latest campaign. This time it is a full length one that shows the entire brochure. I hope you find some treasures to call your own!

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Campaign 7 2015

Shop Campaign 7 – Sell Avon Online


Current Campaign – 7 – Available online 3/9 to 3/22. Use coupon code: WELCOME for 20% off $50 orders. Sell Avon: Enter reference code: EGASKINS at

You can also checkout my first video I made with movie maker and tell me what you think! Available to view on my YouTube channel @ — It introduces Five Fab Buys found in this brochure!

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Product of This week


SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara

I tried this for myself since my eyelashes are short and the product claims to extend and add lengthening fibers to the tips of your lashes. I was very impressed as it really lives up to its word. As you can see in the picture below it really makes my lashes look longer and fuller.


I don’t wear a ton of makeup and I am always looking for either clump free or waterproof types. This mascara also provides both of these elements! Don’t you just love it when you find a product that just fits all of your needs?! Sorry for the excitement, it is just a rare moment when this happens for me in regards to beauty products!

If you want more positive info then just look what some of the reviews say on the website:

Inetwal says: “ Not clumpy and washes off easily.

Anonymous says: “ Yes! Avon hit it out of the park with this one! It gives me long separated lashes. It doesn’t flake, smear or irritate my sensitive eyes. I really like the normal sized brush. It makes it easy to apply. Another plus is it’s easy to remove. If you are looking for a volumizing mascara then you probably won’t like this because it’s a lenghening/separating mascara. But it does do a great job of that. I use this mascara on days I want a more natural look. SuperShock Max is still my favorite but this one is really nice too.
KimberB says: This works great!! No clumping, no smudging… separates my lashes very well. Works great! Best one I have found so far!!
NotSoEasyA says: This mascara is AMAZING. Separates and lengthens. My Lashes look so long and feather-y after using this. This is a MUST HAVE if you have long eyelashes. My mom, who has short sparse lashes, didn’t love it so much. But, it’s a 5 out of 5 for me 🙂
If you would like to purchase this or any other products then please contact me at

Presidents Club Gala 2015


I got the opportunity to go to my division’s Presidents Club Gala. You might wonder what that is and this post will give me you opportunity to find out more. Let’s just say, I was very thankful to be able to go.


As an Avon representative you would have this opportunity as well. It is a night to honor those representatives who have achieved Presidents Club status or higher. It is an awards gala for those representatives who have spirit, excellence, sales increase and much more.


You can get to Presidents Club by selling $10,000+ per cycle. There are many levels to achieve however this is the beginning one or first level. There is also leadership levels that you can achieve as well. All that you need is a willingness to start your journey!

From my experience last night, just being there, was exciting. Everybody dressed to the nines and looking fabulous. The food was inviting and tasted divine. The music, dancing, the gratitude. Plus on top of that, when you hear of the different achievements people have received it gives you inspiration to push forward into the possibilities that are in front of you.


Owning your own business whether you do it part time as a supplemental income or full-time as your only income, what you put into it is what you will get out of it. If you put in 99% you’ll get what you’re able to get, but if you put in 110% just that little extra will propel you into what ever you endeavor that you push forward to receive. It is a simple as that.

Plus, all attendees receive a gift bag to take home with lots of fun goodies, you get the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes and you get to sit by some amazing people that you can glean experience from.


All in all, my experience at the gala was truly amazing. I got the privilege of winning the Spirit award for my district. I had no idea that I was going to win anything. It was thrilling to be in the spotlight like I was a movie star LOL.


If you have the passion and you are willing to take that leap, then take a chance on an opportunity of a lifetime. It will take less than five minutes of your time to begin your journey. Just go to and put in reference code egaskins

I dare you to start your journey today and soar to the heights!


How Important My Customers Are To Me

Yesterday while having dinner with a customer, yes I said customer, I came to the realization just how important it was to share with you about this subject. I do this to say that not only is this woman that I supped with my customer but she has also become my friend. We have been friends now since 2008 so nearly 7 years of getting to know one another. She has been my faithful customer since.

Having a long term relationship with an Avon customer creates a sense of trust between one another. It establishes consistency and loyalty.


You see my customers are not just a number on the page or some money in my pocket, they are the life and breath of my business. The first reason obviously that I got into this business was to be my own boss and make my own money, but it has changed me. What I mean by this is that it is inspiring to meet new people on a daily basis.

I am happy to engage in their life as much as they would like me to. some people that buy Avon are just clear-cut need the product no interaction type of people. I understand and respect that because it is a business. However you do have the majority of customers who like to invite you to their home to find out about the latest products, but not only that, they want to share their day with you or talk about what’s been going on at work or in their family. This is how you become more than an Avon representative.


When it is time to drop off orders to my different customers I am always in for a treat. Every customer I have is different and I get to enjoy life stories that inspire and amaze me. My customers may not know how much they encourage me, but I love them all for taking part in my life as well.

If you or someone you know is looking for an Avon representative then all you need do is contact me on my website at

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Show Me the Specials!


As I have mentioned in a prior post, I pride myself on being a resourceful person. Always looking for the bargain or the coupon with the best redemption. This behavior has helped me significantly through out the years. So I make it a point to let my Avon customers and potential new customers know when there is a spectacular deal.

The easiest way to obtain a deal or promo is to visit the website. In particular the website to visit would be
Immediately when you enter the website, if there is an event happening it will be the first thing you will see and a promo code will be attached.

In my Facebook group http://www.facebook/groups/whosyouravonlady – I make it a priority to post all of the latest campaign information, as well as, the current promo codes.

Another way of savings is the Deal of the Day. Every Night around 9 o’clock PST the deal of the day is up and running. I make it a point to also include this in my Facebook posting. The reason I do this is because someone might have seen the deal of the day in a prior book at a higher price and now it has been reduced by 50 to 70% and that gives them the opportunity to purchase it! Also if a customer buys the same thing repeatedly and it shows up on the deal of the day I will alert them of the lower price.

The deal of the day however is a limited offer and it is only available as long as supplies last. Sometimes the deal of the day can sellout within minutes.

The last savings option is a personal one. I introduced it to my current customers as a way for them to get a type of reward club so to speak. It is called Friends and Family Loyalty discount. The way it works is if you introduce Avon to your friends or family and they sign up to become one of my customers, you can receive 10% off your next order.

Finally, you can always visit my Facebook group and sign up. It is open to anyone who is on Facebook and you can invite anyone that you would like.

By the way, the picture you see on this post contains the latest promo codes.

Favorite Avon Products Top 5

To be brutally honest, I don’t just use Avon products, but I definitely do have my favorites. The reason I don’t use Avon exclusively is because Avon doesn’t necessarily have a lot of products for super sensitive skin.

As I told you in an earlier post, I have eczema and because of this condition I have to be extremely careful with the products I choose. That is why when I come across amazing products such as the ones I am going to list below, I have to share it with you.

So here goes, this is my top 5 list of the current Avon products:


1. MagiX Face Perfector
This product in my opinion is amazing! It is a face primer, contains SPF 20 sunscreen and you can wear it under foundation or by itself. It goes on smoothly, does not have a harsh scent and is oil free. This product has also been dermatologist tested and is suitable for all skintones.

I have been using this product now for the past 3 years and it has never broken my skin out, it has not given me an allergic reaction and you barely notice that it is even there. It helps to keep your foundation or powder on longer and it is not cakey.


2. Moisture Therapy Calming Relief Hand Cream
The thing that’s great about this product is that you can use it for more than just your hands. I am not one for liquidy thin types of lotion and this one does not disappoint. It’s consistency is thick, but goes on smoothly and gently. It does not leave a silicone or greasy type of feel. Ultimately it is great for all day use. Plus there is no harsh scent.


3. Naturals Silky Vanilla
You can purchase either the shower gel, body lotion, body spray or the hand cleanser. Occasionally it will come in a bundle. You can also purchase this scent in bubble bath.

I love the Naturals line because they have a pleasant smell and they are not overly perfumed. The products make your skin feel more moisturized and do not dry your skin out.


4. Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Facial Hair Removal Cream
Perfect for removing unwanted facial hair. It is a fragrance free formula that contains aloe. It is made for someone with sensitive skin.

This product has been life-saving for me lots of times. Unfortunately, some women tend to get facial hair. I needed a product like this that is neither harsh nor drying to the skin. It does not leave any redness or rash after removing. It also has no scent which makes it ideal.


5. Foot Works Healthy Pumice Cream
If you are into pampering yourself, especially your feet, then this is the product you have to try. Get out your foot spa and your scrub brush and get ready to enjoy! Squeeze a little bit on the brush and this will help exfoliate your rough dry feet.

It works best on calluses and the hardened skin around your heel. It softens your skin to make your feet smooth and touchable. It also contains walnut shell powder to help in the exfoliation.

Well I hope this synopsis has been helpful to you. I know the main theme about this post is that it is mainly for people that have sensitive skin, but with the changing climate of our world today it seems more and more people are sensitive to one thing or another. Whether it is lactose intolerance or hypersensitivity to fragrance, these are conditions we cannot overlook.

For more information on these products go to or you can join my Facebook group for all the latest at

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