Understanding Your Payment Options


In this hi tech world we live in today, most people use their debit/credit card for the majority of their purchases whether online or in-store. However, there’s always a random few that still carry cash on them or even rarer, do not have a debit/credit card.

In these instances you are faced with the obstacle of how can I pay for my items if I don’t have a debit or credit card? The answer is simple, you have more options available to you then you know!


1. Money Order
Although rarely used, money orders are a great alternative when paying bills to keep track of spending.


2. PayPal
This method is a wonderful alternative for someone who doesn’t like to display their personal information online. Also a good alternative for someone who only has a checking account. It helps protect your information from being seen by going through a third-party website. This option can be used when online ordering.


3. Square
If you want to pay with a credit card, but don’t want to have your order direct delivered, your representative may have the ability to use Square on their iPad, iPod or iPhone. You can have a receipt emailed to you on this method.


4. Personal Check
This is one of the two most recommended methods, but it is dependent on the representative. Most representatives prefer cash, but some might take personal checks as well.


5. Cash
This would definitely be the Number one preferred method of payment. It is the easiest option for you and your Avon representative to make for a smooth transaction.


6. Pre-paid Credit Card
As a last resort, you can obtain this method at any local grocery or drug store. This method gives you the option of putting The exact amount of the total of your order onto the card for your convenience. This is a great alternative when you don’t have a bank account or credit card to use. It is reloadable and reusable. This option can also be used for ordering online.

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