So This Happened…


Who says Cats and Avon can’t go hand-in-hand?! They’re both part of my everyday life anyway lol. Even on delivery day, when I receive my huge order from Avon, there they are sniffing at the boxes and rubbing their faces across them in anticipation.

It always makes me laugh, to see their cute little faces light up. To see them staring over at me like, “hurry up and open them already lady!” They are so eager to see what fun things will come out of the boxes. This is just how I feel as well!


Every time I open a box, I feel like Santa getting ready to fill my big bag with goodies to bring to all of the nice boys and girls! Half the fun is packaging up the individual orders, adding in samples and a fresh new book to look forward to for the next campaign!

Once the boxes are opened, the cats jump up to perch on the edge just to peer in and with wide-eyes, take a gander at the menagerie of products strewn across the length of it. They are just as curious as I am to know what treasures lie inside. I watch their little noses twitch trying to figure it all out.


Sometimes they get real close or try to reach out their paws to see what an item feels like. Like little toddlers wanting to use their tactile abilities. My favorite is when they climb into the empty box and claim it as their own. I always ask them if they are getting ready to be delivered too. They always look at me like I’m crazy, but I always laugh it off.

Life is quirky and unpredictable, but every turn in the road makes it all worth-while. Visit for your own Avon treasures!



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