Why Purchase Avon Instead of From Your Local Brick and Mortar Places?


If you are anything like me, you strongly dislike having to wade through the sea of people in the mall to go to SEVERAL stores, pick through TOO MANY choices, spend HOURS trying to find something only to find out you have to go to a totally different store or you just end up giving up altogether. It can be frustrating, draining and just ultimately ruin your whole day! Your time is too precious!

Catalog or Online shopping on the other hand, makes it more convenient for you as the customer so that you only need to go to one place, you can order on your own time, experience less stress, pay a more reasonable price and have your purchases delivered to you either directly or via your Avon Rep! Plus, it feels like Christmas every time your Avon Rep comes baring your next order!


Also, what is even more AWESOME is that your Rep can offer you samples, discounts and promos. They can alert you to exclusive online specials as well.

The nice thing that remains similar to your local stores is that you still receive the excellent customer service you should expect, on-time orders and the ability to contact your own Avon Rep at anytime.

If you are seeking an Avon Rep to purchase from then you may visit my website @ http://www.youravon.com/egaskins OR you may add yourself to my Facebook group and have a catalog mailed to you @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/whosyouravonlady/


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